Setting the Gold Standard in Landscaping

Well, it’s a new year and a new season. But today I can’t help but remember some of the great landscape and hardscape projects we did last year for our clients last year. Here are some of features in some specific projects we did that stand out in my mind.

Foremost in my mind is the paver patio we built for the Yesiladas in Lake Oswego. Here we used a newer paver from Belgard called Catalina Grana in a brand new color blend called ‘Aspen’. We combined that paver with a charcoal colored 6″x9″ paver in charcoal color. The combination of these two pavers and color blends along with the curves that our landscape designer built into the shape of the patio really turned out to be stunning.

Next, the most exciting project we did in 2019 was for the Heislers in the Bald Peak area of Hillsboro. This was our biggest project of the year and one of our largest projects we have ever installed. This was a full landscape and hardscape with a lot of unique features. Here are a few highlights from that project…




I have a passion for Outdoor Lighting Design. I always try to incorporate lighting accents into our landscapes and hardscapes we build. But sometimes we just get to take an already beautiful home and landscape and just focus on what we can do artistically with light. My favorite example of that in 2019 was this project we did for the Conants in Lake Oswego.

Aside from the 8 step lights you see in the center, we accomplished this effect with just 3 up-lights (one on tree far left and one for each of the sets of bamboo) and two down-lights (on the columns to right and left of front door). Just 5 light fixtures made a huge difference at this home. It went from dark and unsafe to well illuminated and beautiful – with just 5 fixtures. Sometimes less is more!

Who says you can’t play at work, sometimes? Well, the project we did for the Michaels in Beaverton involved installing a new putting green. And play we did – when it was completed. You have product test before you unveil the final product to your customer, right? Anyway, this was definitely one of our funnest projects of the year.


One of the most beautiful and most usable back yard projects we did in 2019 was for the Halls in Tualatin, Oregon. You can file this in the category of “I wish that was my back yard!” There are so many amazing features in this yard it just makes you a little envious. Here we installed a gas fire pit, paver patio, covered outdoor structure, outdoor kitchen, gas outdoor fireplace, decking, lighting, synthetic turf, and new plants and trees. Here are some of the highlights of this project…



There are so many more. I will edit this post and add more in the coming days. But let us know which features you liked best of our 2019 projects above!

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