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Over time, concrete pavers will fade and show wear due to the sun, rain, heat, freezing and other weather factors. Another factor in deterioration of pavers is foot or vehicle traffic. Concrete pavers are porous and will also develop stains from oil-based spills, tires, rust from pots or tables and chairs, and even leaves in the fall that sit on the patio for too long. Cleaning and Sealing your pavers helps by removing these stains and then protecting your pavers long term from further damage, fading and stains. After the hardscape cleaner removes the stains and weathering, the paver sealer then restores the pavers to their original color (or close to) and then locks in that color for several years.

In some cases, you can clean and seal your pavers right after installation. In other cases, it’s sometimes better to wait a year and allow the pavers to naturally release their efflorescence before cleaning and sealing is performed. Our estimators can tell you what’s best for your particular pavers once we know the brand of paver that was installed and how long it’s been there. But in general, if it’s been at least a year since they were installed, you should be able to clean and seal your pavers at this time.

before and after sealant

before and after sealant

Benefits of Paver Cleaning & Sealing

There are many benefits of paver sealing. The benefits include:

  • Cleans and restores pavers to original color
  • Enhances color of pavers with matte, non-gloss finish
  • Locks in the enhanced appearance of the pavers
  • Prevents further sun damage and fading
  • Minimizes paver maintenance
  • Slows growth of moss or mildew on pavers
  • Helps to inhibit weed growth in paver joints
  • Keeps your pavers looking new longer
  • Helps to weather-proof your pavers against freeze-thaw cycles, sun, rain and calcium

sealer in progress
Applying sealer.

Choosing the Right Paver Cleaner and Sealer Makes a HUGE Difference

There are many different paver cleaning and sealing products on the market. The variety of sealer you use can make a huge difference on not only how your pavers look afterwards, but it will also effect how the pavers look in several years. The majority of paver sealers on the market these days are film-based sealers. They form a film, similar to a lacquer, over your pavers. Usually these will produce a gloss or semi-gloss look to your pavers. That glossy shiny look isn’t what most people are wanting for their pavers. But aside from that, the bigger problems with film-based sealers happens when they start to fail. Over time (about 3-5 years, typically), all sealers will start to fail or fade and will need to be replenished. But when film-based sealers begin to fail, they will bubble, crack and peel. This not only looks unattractive, but then you have to strip the old sealer with a harsh chemical stripper before you can re-apply the next coat of sealer.

sealer peeling
Peeling Sealer.

The solution is to install a penetrating sealer. Penetrating sealers not only provide a nice matte, non-gloss finish. But they also penetrate into the concrete and seal the paver from the inside. Because they do not create a film over the paver, the sealer will never crack or peel. When a penetrating sealer does begin to fail in several years, all you see is some fading, and then it’s a fairly quick and easy process of just cleaning and adding one more coat of sealer.

sealant types

In addition to the variety of sealer (film forming vs. penetrating) it’s also important to use a quality, professional grade product. Not only will it last longer. But it will look nicer, apply more evenly and protect better. You’ve invested a lot of money into your custom paver patio, pathway or driveway. So the last thing you want to do is cheapen or distress your pavers by applying a cheap sealer product.

For these reasons, we use ColorBoost by Techniseal. Techniseal has been the leader of paver cleaning and sealing products in the USA for over 30 years now. Their products are always of the best quality and performance and have been built specifically for pavers, unlike many other general-purpose concrete sealers. They also provide fantastic support and training for contractors as well as homeowners.

Techniseal Color Boost paver sealer

Benefits of Techniseal ColorBoost Sealer:

  • Penetrating Sealer (non-film forming)
  • Will not make pavers more slippery
  • Non film-forming. Won’t peel or flake
  • Water-based formula: non-toxic, no fumes, environmentally friendly
  • A high performance, professional grade concrete paver sealer
  • Matte finish, not glossy or shiny
  • Slows down penetration of oil and grease spills (e.g. BBQ and dining areas)
  • Waterproofs paver surface
  • Helps restore pavers to original color

Trained & Certified Applicators

Lewis Landscape Services employees are Certified Techniseal Applicators, the only company to receive such certification in the Portland Oregon market. We’ve performed many sealing jobs on paver patios over many years and have more experience in paver sealing as any company in the area.

Techniseal Certified Applicator

Cost of Cleaning & Sealing Concrete Pavers

The cost of cleaning and sealing your pavers can depend on the variety of pavers, how large the paver area is (the larger the area, the less expensive it is per square foot to install), and how much cleaning is needed. But in general, jobs usually cost around $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot. To get a price on your specific paver area, give us a call or complete our contact form (link below) and we’ll provide you with a free customized quote for your specific area.

Timing of Sealing

Sealing needs to be done during months where it’s warm and dry and at a time when there is no rain expected for several days after application. Generally, paver sealing is done between June 1st and September 30th. Outside of that time, unless it’s an abnormally dry and warm week, you will want to wait until the following year. We are generally booked out for sealing jobs about 1-3 weeks. So call us about a month before you want to have your sealing project done.

To begin, simply complete our online quote request form and one of our Portland or Beaverton Oregon area Paver Installation Experts will contact you promptly to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Or call today to set an appointment: 503-524-3679.

Lewis Landscape Services of Beaverton Oregon, specializes in Concrete Paver Sealing in the Beaverton area, SW Portland Oregon area, and surrounding cities. See our Service Areas section for more details.

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