Landscape Drainage & French Drains for the Portland Oregon West Side

Landscape drainage issues are a constant challenge here in the Northwest. The solutions to drainage issues can be complex. Sometimes the solution is re-grading. Other times the solution involves soil amendments. But often, the solution is an installation of a French drain or a series of French drains around key areas of your landscape.

The Anatomy of a French Drain:

Originally, a French drain was simply a trench filled with round river rock. The idea being that this trench would give nearby surface water a place to sit while it slowly dissipated into the soil below.

Here in the Portland Oregon area, we've come to use the term "French drain" to mean more than a simple trench filled with rocks. With the amount of rainfall we get, simply giving the water a place to 'sit' isn't usually enough. Instead, we need to give the water a viable outlet. So most Portland drainage companies here will use the addition of a drain pipe in their French drains. This drain pipe is typically covered with a geotextile sock in order to keep it free of silt and debris. And the drain pipe is connected to a sump well, greenspace, street drain or other outlet.

french drain

If the French drain is placed underneath your lawn, we will encapsulate the drain in a landscape fabric and then replace some of the soil and sod on top. If the French drain is outside of your lawn, you will see what looks like a 6-8" wide river bed on top. This is both decorative as well as functional. Surface water goes straight through the river rock down to the pipe below and is carried away to the water outlet.

Each year, dozens of homeowners in the SW Portland Oregon Area hire Lewis Landscape Services to take care of their landscape drainage challenges. Over the years, we have developed a great deal of experience coming up with solutions to handle unique drainage challenges.

french drain
Example of French Drain Installed Around Lawn.

When you hire us, you'll get a solution that works. And you'll get our exclusive 5-year warranty on your drain system. So what are you waiting for?

To begin, simply complete our online quote request form and out one of our Portland Drainage System experts will contact you promptly to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Or call today to set an appointment: 503-524-3679

Lewis Landscape Services of Beaverton Oregon, specializes in outdoor drainage systems in the SW Portland Oregon area, and surrounding cities. See our Service Areas section for more details.

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Angie's List Super Service Award 2014

"Excellent Drainage Work.
I hired them mainly to do a French drainage along a slope in my back yard to capture rain water and keep my backyard dryer, plus a few other drainage related minor enhancements. Lewis, the owner, is a great planner. The project started at the date as planned. They did it nice and quick, and the project is completed right before the first rain of the raining season. I would certainly call them again for other landscape projects.

Anonymous review posted on the online review site,
November, 2011


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