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Skilled Pruning


We have skilled workers on staff who are experts in Pruning. Whether you need an expensive Japanese Maple pruned just right, some bonsai pruning done, or just a general pruning job, Lewis Landscape is the place to call.

Our Pruning Policy

We believe in proper pruning techniques. Most plants and shrubs need to be carefully pruned by hand, with hand pruners. Many landscape crews at other companies use their hedge trimmer for all of their pruning. They use it as their main pruning tool. This is a bad practice that damages your plants as well as resulting in plants and trees having improper form. Our crews use their hand pruners as their main pruning tool. You will not find our crews taking a hedge trimmer to all of your shrubs and plants. For most plants, hand pruning will be applied, with the goal being to keep the plant or shrub in it’s natural form. We will use the hedge trimmers only where you have existing shrubs that have already been trained into a hedge form. All other proper pruning practices will be applied as well.

Proper Timing

Some plants should only be pruned certain times of the year. Spring blooming plants like Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, and Pieris should not be pruned late in the season, unless absolutely necessary. Doing so will jeapordize the following year’s bloom. Similarly, we wouldn’t normally prune a summer blooming dogwood in the spring, right before it blooms. Perennials will be trimmed back in the fall, as they die back, which is a proper practice for these plants. We are careful to do all of our pruning at the proper time of year with the wellbeing of your plants always foremost in our minds.

Technical Pruning

Sometimes there are trees or plants in a landscape that require more advanced and technical pruning. For instance, a Japanese maple or a bonsai tree. We have several technicians on staff with more advanced pruning skills to take care of these pruning issues as well. Often times it will be one of our lead technicians or even a company manager who would step in to handle your more technical needs.

Pruning Limitations

We can usually handle most of your pruning needs. However, we do know our limitations. There are certain times when we will not be able to handle certain pruning needs. For instance, we don’t do any big tree pruning. We also don’t do pruning that is dangerous by nature (e.g. pruning by power lines or pruning that would possibly damage a house). If we run into a scenario where we can’t handle a certain pruning situation, we will refer you to a certified arborist that we know who specializes in that kind of pruning.

Please contact us for a free estimate for pruning your plants and ornamental plants and shrubs.

Lewis Landscape Services of Beaverton Oregon, specializes in skilled pruning in the SW Portland Oregon area, and surrounding cities. See our Service Areas section for more details.

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