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Rock Walls – Portland Oregon, West Side

We install both basalt dry-stack rock walls as well as large boulder rock walls.    (read more below…)


Basalt Dry-Stack Rock Walls

Natural basalt rock walls are characteristic of landscapes here in the Northwest. They are made by carefully stacked and chelated basalt rock to form a beautiful and natural rock retaining wall. When constructed properly, they are actually quite strong. They have a natural and free flowing look. Basalt rock walls fit well with natural, less formal landscapes and compliment flagstone work and water features very well. This variety of wall is the most popular kind of retaining wall used in the Northwest. Not only because it looks more natural but also because it costs a little less than a formal block (segmental) retaining wall.

Basalt Dry Stack Rock Wall
A Basalt Dry-Stack Rock Wall in Portland, Oregon

The possibilities with basalt walls are limited only by one’s creativity. You can create retaining walls, engineered walls, raised gardens, raised patios, borders for planting beds, and more using basalt wall rock. The color of the rock is generally gray but is available in ‘Camas Gray’, which has a little more tan color in it; ‘Black Basalt’, which is a much darker charcoal color, and other options.

CLICK HERE: Take a look at some of our work with basalt dry-stack rock walls.

Large Boulder Rock Walls

For larger projects, we can install a large boulder rock wall. These walls are typically engineered and very well constructed to handle the load of larger slopes. Once installed, they are every bit as stable as a segmental retaining wall but with the nice free form look of natural rock. Take a look at some of the photos below. If you have a larger project like this, we’d love to discuss it with you.

rock wall
Boulder Rock Walls in Portland Oregon

Our rock wall installers have extensive experience creating basalt dry-stack rock walls and large boulder rock walls that last. And they are backed by our exclusive 5-Year Warranty!

Large Boulder Retaining Wall

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Lewis Landscape Services of Beaverton Oregon, specializes in basalt rock retaining walls and rock boulder retaining walls in the SW Portland Oregon area, and surrounding cities. See our Service Areas section for more details.

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