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Every home and landscape looks better in the right light. Outdoor Lighting can (read more below….)

All Photos Shown Above Are From Actual Lighting Jobs in the SW Portland Oregon Area We've Done In Recent Years

Outdoor Lighting in Portland Oregon has been trending lately! We prefer the term “outdoor lighting” because a good lighting job will include more than landscape lighting. Most Portland landscape lighting companies will just highlight a few of your trees, but a well trained outdoor lighting designer will highlight not only the best aspects of your landscape and garden but may also include your architecture and the physical structures on your property like your deck, steps, arbor, pool, pergola, or gazebo.
We aren’t just landscape lighting installers, we’re trained outdoor lighting designers. We will design and install an LED landscape lighting system that will illuminate all your yard’s best features throughout the evening. Why enjoy the exterior of your home, landscape and backyard only during the daytime? Once you’ve seen how amazing it all can look when it’s been illuminated properly, you’ll see your living space in a whole new light! We’ve grown to become the #1 Portland area outdoor lighting business for a reason. Scroll down to learn more….


Some of the benefits to LED Outdoor Lighting include:


  • Security – Landscape Lighting reveals areas of the landscape where someone might try to hide.
  • Safety – Outdoor Landscape Lights help ensure you and your guests can safely navigate your walkways, driveway and landscape during the night.
  • Atmosphere – Creating an atmosphere in your home and landscape that is striking and really creates a wonderful ambience.
  • Artistry – Illuminating and highlighting your the best architectural features of your home and landscape
  • Functionality – Illuminating your outdoor living areas so you can enjoy your yard into the evening.
  • Economy – Our low voltage LED landscape lighting systems use 80% less energy than a traditional halogen system. Cost per month is typically $1-$3 per month on smaller systems and $3-$6 per month on larger LED landscape lighting systems


Some of the key benefits to the specific LED outdoor light fixtures and systems we install are:


  • Variable Lumen Output – Each of our spot lights features 3 levels of brightness. So you can soften the brightness if you want or increase brightness as the tree gets larger. No need to change out to larger spot lights as your landscape matures!
  • Longevity – Your fixtures, lamps (light bulbs), wiring, connections will all last 15 years – guaranteed!
  • Sturdy Construction – Spot Lights are Cast Solid Brass and Transformers are Stainless Steel, industry best products.
  • Ease of Use – Your system will turn on automatically every night at dusk without you ever having to mess with the timer.
  • Top Quality Products – Your system will be built using Kichler LED® light fixtures. Kichler is the largest lighting fixture manufacturer in the world, leading the market in both interior lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting as well. They are the only company in the market who builds a fully integrated LED fixtures and back it with a 15-year warranty.
  • Professional Lighting Installation – Connections are waterproof, fire-proof and will never come apart. Proper wire sizing throughout. All work done to NEC (National Electric Code) specifications for outdoor lighting installation. And all of our work done by licensed outdoor installers.
  • Industry Recognized Team – Lewis Landscape Services are Certified Kichler Light Pro Diamond Elite Installers – the only Oregon Outdoor Lighting Company with this level of achievement.
  • The Best Lighting System Warranty In The Portland Area – Ask around. You won’t find a warranty like ours. All light fixtures are warrantied for 15 years. And your low-voltage transformer will have a Lifetime Warranty! And get this! If your fixtures stop working for any reason (even if a fixture gets run over by a kid on a bicycle or a car drives over it) we will come out and replace that fixture quickly for free. It’s literally the best warranty you will find on landscape lighting system in the entire Beaverton / Portland Oregon Area. (see contract for detailed warranty specifications.)
  • Artistic Lighting Design – Your home lighting system will be designed and installed by our a landscape lighting company with an award winning team (Won Kichler’s Contractor Award Annually Since 2011) with each light fixture custom tailored to softly illuminate the most important areas of your yard and architecture. We’re not going to light up everything like Disneyland. We carefully select the right light effect for the right area, all throughout your outdoor space. We also design to compliment your existing home lighting and house lights. We’re not just installers, we’re lighting designers!
  • Savings – The Kichler LED fixtures we use are approximately 80% more efficient than a traditional outdoor house lights and a good 15-20% more efficient than most competitor’s LED fixtures. Cost of usage per month will be around $1.00-$3.00 total, most homes.
  • Low-Maintenance – You will never have to change a lamp (light bulb). If one of our LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures goes out at all during the 15 year warranty, we will replace the entire fixture for free.
  • The most experienced Oregon Outdoor Lighting Company – Lewis Landscape Services has been installing Landscape Lighting in the Beaverton Oregon and Portland Oregon area longer than almost any other landscape lighting companies in the area – for 24 years now. We are the true specialists in the outdoor lighting business for this area.

Outdoor Lighting Service

We can also service and repair your existing garden lighting or upgrade your existing garden lights to LED garden lights fixtures, if you already have a low voltage landscape lighting system on your property.


Please take a few minutes and view some photos of our outdoor landscape lighting work in our photo gallery here. We think you’ll be impressed with the residential outdoor lighting services we offer.


After you’re done looking around at our work, it’s time to act! What are you waiting for? Let’s start talking about what we can do for your home and landscape. To begin, simply complete our online quote request form and out one of our Portland Landscape Lighting / Outdoor Lighting specialists will contact you promptly to set up an appointment for a free estimate. Or call today to set an appointment: 503-524-3679


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