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Did you know that Portland Oregon is #1 in Synthetic Turf installations in the entire United States? It is. Artificial Turf / Synthetic Turf – whatever you choose to call it – is very very popular in this area & becoming more and more popular each year. The reason for the popularity is because our yards here in the Portland area often have a lot of heavy clay soil that doesn’t drain well, has a lot of shade, and is often very soggy – or a combination of those factors. Synthetic turf is often the solution people end up choosing, after years of trying to grow regular lawn and being completely frustrated with the lack of success and the continued lawn thinning and mud problems. And it’s a great solution to those problems!

CLICK HERE: View detailed photos of Synthetic Turf projects we’ve done.

Some people take it a step further and figure, “Well, as long as I’m going synthetic turf in the back yard, I might as well install a golf putting green as well!” Whether you are looking for your own private back-yard golf putting green, a lawn the dogs can’t ruin, or a maintenance free lawn for that shady area in the back yard where your existing lawn is constantly mushy and dying out, Synthetic Turf might be your answer. And if you’re looking for a synthetic turf or artificial grass installation contractor in SW Portland Oregon or Beaverton Oregon area, you’ve come to the right place.

We are the leading installers of Synthetic Turf products for residential properties on the west side. We install synthetic turf for a variety of the finest synthetic turf manufacturers. We offer a wide variety of play turf for kids, pets (dogs) and artificial turf for golf putting greens. While the cost of synthetic turf installation in the Beaverton Oregon area is not cheap, many Portland area consumers believe the benefits of artificial turf installation outweigh the initial costs in the long run.

Here is a list of the benefits you can get with Artificial Turf over regular turfgrass:

Some of the benefits to synthetic turf include:

  • Very low Maintenance. No mowing, no edging, just occasional brooming.
  • No chemicals – no fertilizer, no weed control, no moss killer, no mole bait.
  • Virtually no watering – water once every 3 months to leach out trapped water and contaminants inside.
  • Perfect color, perfect height all the time. Always have that just-mowed look.
  • Perfect for pets and kids. Virtually worry free. Widely used at indoor dog parks throughout the Portland area for its durability.
  • Eliminates drainage issues – no mushy areas. Firm and nice to walk on year-round
  • Environmentally friendly – made of recycled and recovered post-consumer wast

So why choose Lewis Landscape Services for your synthetic turf installation over some of the other competitors in town? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Lower Product Price Point. Compared to other local companies (like Synlawn, for instance) who mark up their product to over $7.00 per square foot, we don’t mark up our product at all. We sell turf that looks and feels even better but for almost half that price. Most of our turf sells for right around $3.00 to $3.80 per sq. ft. Don’t overpay for your turf!
  • Use of Infill. Infill is very important to not only keeping your turf looking right (keeps blades standing up) but also helps greatly in hiding seams! The two most common complaints we used to get back when we installed SynLawn (who doesn’t use an infill with their system) was that the blades kept falling down and needed to be constantly broomed up and that they could see the seams. Those problems are virtually eliminated when you install an infill. Plus, it makes the turf much nicer and softer to walk on! There is a reason that most every brand of synthetic turf in the country specifies the use of an infill product for the installation of their turf!
  • Safe Infill! Unlike some synthetic turf and artificial turf products, we do not use the cancer-causing rubber infill in our installations. Our infill is a just a simple silica sand — safe for kids and pets.
  • In-House Installers. Many companies in the area such as SynLawn do not have in-house installers but instead sub-contract the installation work out to other companies in the area. With Lewis Landscape Services nothing on your synthetic turf installation will be sub-contracted. It will be our workers doing the work and our project manager on site every day checking on the installation.
  • Experience in All Phases of Landscaping. Why does this matter? Because as your installer is excavating out to install your synthetic turf, they’re likely going to run into rain drains, French drains, irrigation system piping or wiring, sprinkler heads, plants that need to be transplanted, etc. You will want to have a trained, licensed landscaper who knows exactly how to repair and handle each of these items properly to take care of these things for you, as they run into them.
  • Better looking and better feeling Synthetic Turf products. Let us show you some samples so you can see the difference!
  • Better Rated – we have over 100 5-star reviews on Google Maps and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and carry and A+ BBB rating as well. You’ll be hard pressed to find one of our competitors who can say all of that.

CLICK HERE: View detailed photos of Synthetic Turf projects we’ve done.

Initial Installation cost for artificial grass or synthetic turf is typically around $16-18 per sq. ft.(very small installations and putting greens will be more per sq. ft.). So for a small 15′ x 20′ area, you would pay around $4,800-5,400. For a larger 35′ x 30′ area, the installed price would be around $16,800. The price will vary a little depending on how much existing soil or sod needs to be removed as well as what variety of turf you choose.

If you’re in the market for synthetic turfgrass, please take a measurement of the area you want covered. Then multiply the sq. ft. measurement you come up with by the cost figures above. If that general price is within your budget, please give contact us to arrange a free consultation where we can provide you with samples of the product itself and a detailed written estimate. Our synthetic turf installers are ready to go when you are.

To begin the design process simply complete our online quote request form and one of our Portland or Beaverton Oregon area Synthetic Turf Insallation Experts will contact you promptly to begin your personalized design process. Or call today to set an appointment: 503-524-3679

Lewis Landscape Services of Beaverton Oregon, specializes in synthetic turf, artificial turf, artificial grass and putting greens installations in the SW Portland Oregon area, Beaverton Oregon and surrounding cities. See our Service Areas section for more details.

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